Even the basic ergonomics of Galaxy S9 are thrilling

After the disappointment that was the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung had not the mission but the obligation to dazzle the public with its next smartphones. It was that or say goodbye to a lot of followers who waited anxiously for “the next big thing”. Well, the wait was worth it.

With the introduction of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + almost four months ago, the South Korean company returned to its place (if it ever abandoned it) as the signature with one of the most eye-catching smartphones on the market. After arriving in Mexico, we have finally got our hands on the Galaxy S8 and S8 + and this is our in-depth analysis. To put a complete end to the Galaxy S7’s disaster and to beat its major rivals, the company is going to launch its grand level Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone in the first quarter of next year. The device S9 will have a pretty glaring appearance and will definitely attract you towards its ergonomics.

Technical Specifications

We began with the review forced by the technical specifications of the units subject to our analysis and also with this, the major aspects of Galaxy S9 is worth mentioning here.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S8 and S8 + marketed in our country have the peculiarity of being powered by an Exynos 8895 processor in the house, leaving the variant with dragon heart (Snapdragon 835) for the North American and Chinese markets. The mutual working of Qualcomm and Samsung is also a wonderful thing for us as the company is going to offer us a 7nm chipset built Exynos 9810 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor with Adreno GPU; for making your gaming experience more fun with its fastest and energetic processing. The full list of features is below:

The leaks made us know much ahead of time the design of Galaxy S9 phone. At the time of S8 revelation, the emotion of the market was palpable because Samsung left behind all its known aesthetic lines.

While repeating the formula of two glass panels (in this case both protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5) joined by a metal frame, the surprise comes with the elimination of the characteristic Home button present in all the families of devices of the firm. Along with this little S9 detail, the minimal space used by the sensors at the top results in a great advantage of the front, allowing the presence of a large screen in a form until now unknown, concept is much similar to Galaxy S8 but very interesting and even more innovative when it comes to the working and performance of S9 than the previous flagship.

Yes, the Home physical button is gone, but instead, comes a new pressure-sensitive button that will always appear when we need it. In addition to this, the smooth keypad in S9 also has a force-sensitive sensor to give your stimuli the quickest response; this means that you will receive a haptic instant feedback whenever hit-on to an app.

Hope, the company will stick to its promising Galaxy S9 features and won’t disappoint us.

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