How to Care for Your Outdoor Appliances during Winter Months

The luxury and usefulness of an outdoor kitchen will serve you well when the temperatures and weather are perfect for entertaining. There are a few steps you should take to help provide the best care possible for these appliances during the slightly cooler winter months of Miami.

Choose the Right Outdoor Appliance Models

There is quite a bit of difference between appliances designed for indoor and outdoor use. The cubic space of usable room in an outdoor refrigerator might be around six cubic feet, but the electrical components are heavy duty and the unit is generally better insulated to withstand higher outdoor temperatures. You need this tougher design for the appliance to last.

Protect Refrigerators and Dishwashers by Under-the-Counter Installation

Appliances will work better if they are installed under a counter to protect from direct sunlight, wind and hail damage. This will also provide you with the maximum amount of countertop space to prep foods for cooking.

Clean and Cover Countertop Grill after Use

Maintain a clean grill after each use. Allow the grill to cool off and immediately scrub it with soap and water. Allow it to air dry and cover it with a plastic protective barrier. Your grill will stay looking new longer and perform at top levels.

Unplug Appliances and Shut Off Water to Sink, Icemaker, and Dishwasher During Winter

A serious cold snap that involves freezing temperatures is not always predictable. You are best to shut off the water and drain the tubes before the cold weather hits. Unplug all of the appliances that are run by electricity. This can all be reversed easy if you end up needing to use them but will save you time if you change your mind.

Coat Counters with Moisture Sealant

No matter what type of material you choose to go with on countertops, coat the surface with a waterproof sealant at least one time each year. This will ensure that your investment is as protected as possible. Your counters will continue looking like new.

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