Waterfalls Of Lombok and Why They Need to be in Your Next Travel Itinerary

Waterfalls Of Lombok are another thing that may catch your attention as they are truly wonderful and worthy of becoming your next holiday destination. If for a long time you associate Indonesia mostly with Bali or Jakarta, the capital of the country, you can now expand your horizon and add Lombok Island in general to your travel plan. Though indeed the Island is less popular as compared to Bali, these days, Lombok has grown into one major tourist destination people are seeking to visit whenever they happen to be in Indonesia. The Island’s location, which happens to be situated right next to Bali, makes it possible for tourists, both international and domestic, to enjoy its many attractions, one of which is its waterfalls. You can hop on to the island while you are in Bali as it is only a few hours away from each other, by ferryboat. Or, if you have enough budgets set for this trip, you can always take a flight to the neighboring island from Bali. Whichever it is you prefer, you will not be disappointed once you set your feet on the Island. Culturally speaking, Bali and Lombok share similar traits despite Bali being predominantly of Hindu tradition while Lombok is mostly Moslems.

Even with such difference, Lombok is set to get out of its neighbor’s shadow and stand on its own as one of Indonesia’s topmost travel destinations. Beaches are of course amazing and culinary is undoubtedly its point of attraction, toward which you may gravitate. But if you do not already know, Waterfalls Of Lombok Indonesia are a must. Why? Well, if you are tired of the hectic life of a beach (which is a common scene to be found on such a spot), these waterfalls are a breath of fresh air. Most of the waterfalls (although named) are yet to be explored fully. Lombok Island holds some of the most refreshing waterfalls in Indonesia, in terms of both their sceneries and their water. Kept hidden within the island’s tropical jungle, the waterfalls offer you a different kind of holiday full of adventures and impressive spots worthy of being posted on your many social media platforms. If you will, you can even swim in the natural pool under the waterfall while taking in the view right underneath the pouring water. Just be careful, some of the pools are shallow but some other might offer you a bit of challenge thanks to their significant depth. Some of the best waterfalls for you to visit include:

  1. SendangGile and Tiu Kelep
  2. BenangStokel and BenangKelambu
  3. MayangPutek
  4. JerukManis
  5. Tiu Tedja

Waterfalls Of Lombok map is useful to help guide your way to the right spots. Some travel agents may keep a supply of such maps but to give you a more accurate route, it would be better if you hold on to GPS-guided digital map. Your smartphone should be your best friend in order that you can avoid getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Don’t forget to carry enough supplies of food, changes of clothes, and cash in the event that you happen to stay quite far away from the one waterfall you head on to.

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